Odyssey Partners with I-G3N to bring South Africa’s leading lithium batteries to Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana

Odyssey Partners with I-G3N to bring South Africa’s leading lithium batteries to Nigeria, Kenya and Ghana

Odyssey Energy Solutions, an end-to-end distributed energy technology platform, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with I-G3N, a leading Original Equipment Manufacturer of high quality lithium batteries, to foster growth in the DRE sector across Sub-Saharan Africa, with a specific focus on Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of advancing clean energy adoption in the region. The partnership will leverage Odyssey’s expertise in providing innovative financing solutions with I-G3N's cutting-edge technology and commitment to quality.

Key Highlights of the Partnership:

Better Payment Terms (BPT) for I-G3N products: Through this collaboration, Odyssey introduces the Better Payment Terms (BPT) initiative for I-G3N products, offering solar developers and distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa enhanced financial flexibility when acquiring renewable energy products. Better Payment Terms allows solar companies to put 10-15% down at the time of order, Odyssey handles all the ordering and importation with I-G3N, then companies have 30-60 days to pay the balance once equipment has arrived in-country.

Quality Technical Aftercare/Support: Clients in the region can now benefit from unparalleled technical aftercare and support facilitated by Odyssey and the dedicated I-G3N team. This commitment to quality service ensures that end-users experience seamless integration and long-term reliability of products purchased.

Geographic Expansion: By combining forces, Odyssey and I-G3N aspire to accelerate the adoption of renewable energy solutions in these regions.

“We are thrilled to embark on this transformative partnership, driving positive change in the renewable energy landscape across Sub-Saharan Africa. This collaboration reflects the shared vision of Odyssey and I-G3N to create a sustainable future through accessible and reliable storage solutions.
Together, we are positioned to drive positive change and empower local communities and businesses for a greener tomorrow”, Justin Tinsey, Vice President of Procurement at Odyssey stated.

About Odyssey Energy Solutions
Odyssey is accelerating the clean energy transition in emerging markets. The Odyssey platform provides an end-to-end solution for renewable energy companies and financiers, with a tool suite for planning, financing, procurement and operations.

Odyssey is facilitating more than $1.3B of capital for the distributed energy sector, with more than 2,600 companies on the platform. For more information, visit

About I-G3N
I-G3N is South Africa’s leading lithium battery manufacturer. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, I-G3N is a key player in the global renewable energy value chain.

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