Solarisation at scale: Odyssey showcases solutions at Solar & Storage Live in Johannesburg this month

Solarisation at scale: Odyssey showcases solutions at Solar & Storage Live in Johannesburg this month

Odyssey Energy Solutions, as a leading provider of renewable energy solutions with a proven track record of serving 2600 platform members across Africa, and facilitating thousands of solar projects, is thrilled to announce its participation in the upcoming Solar & Storage Live Conference, taking place in Johannesburg from March 18th to 20th.

This premier event, gathering over 500 exhibitors, 20,000+ attendees, 200+ speakers, and representatives from 40 African countries, promises to be a hub for innovation and collaboration in the renewable energy sector.

We, at Odyssey Energy Solutions, are showcasing our commitment to scaling the distributed energy sector, not only through our extensive project experience, but also with our innovative software and financing solutions designed to empower the industry.

How does Odyssey contribute to the clean energy revolution?

  • Revolutionising finance for solarisation programs:

Odyssey Energy Solutions offers a customisable software solution specifically tailored for financiers, asset owners and IPPs involved in solarisation programs.The innovative platform streamlines workflows from project origination to post-commissioning asset management and enables its users to dilute disbursement risks when investing in the sector.

  1. Simplifying EPC vetting and due diligence: Facilitating efficient evaluation of potential project partners.
  2. Enhancing project tracking: Providing real-time insights into every stage of solarisation, ensuring transparency and accountability.
  • Empowering solar companies with working capital assistance:

Beyond software solutions, Odyssey Procure offers "Working Capital Assist" for solar equipment purchased from their network of 30+ OEMs. Working Capital Assist includes:

  1. Equipment financing: Solar companies put only 10-15% down at the time of order and have until the equipment arrives at Odyssey’s warehouse to pay the remaining balance within 60 days.
  2. Construction finance: Solar companies can dilute working capital constraints during project construction with Odyssey's off-balance sheet construction finance offering. EPCs and developers are required to pay as little as 10 to 15% deposit to procure their equipment and settle the remaining balance post-commissioning.
  3. Supply chain support: Our supply chain support offering acts as an extension of your business by becoming your dedicated procurement department. Industry players can leverage Odyssey's supply chain and procurement infrastructures to benefit from better terms and more efficient processes, hence diluting supply chain risks.

Both working capital solutions prioritise efficiency by granting industry players access to finance without lengthy due diligence. Odyssey's expertise helps Tech and Finance organisations identify and manage risks, facilitating access to alternative working capital.

  • Strategic partnerships for extended value:

Odyssey’s collaborations with leading equipment manufacturers ensure that solar companies can access:

  1. Competitive pricing on equipment: Leveraging Odyssey’s established partnerships for the best available terms.
  2. Unparalleled product quality: Accessing reliable and high-performing equipment from trusted manufacturers (batteries, inverters, solar panels…etc)

"Thrilled to showcase our comprehensive suite of solutions at the Solar & Storage Live Conference," expressed Maxime Eon, VP of Revenue at Odyssey Energy Solutions. "We're dedicated to empowering financiers, solar companies, and, most importantly, communities across Africa, ensuring unprecedented access to renewable energy at unprecedented rates."

Visit Odyssey’s booth B182, Hall 2, and come meet our team at the Solar & Storage Live Conference to explore its innovative solutions and learn more about how Odyssey Energy Solutions can help you achieve your renewable energy goals.

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For more information about Odyssey Energy Solutions and Odyssey Procure and its participation in the Solar & Storage Live Conference, please contact us directly.

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