Empowering Africa with cutting-edge Lithium battery technology, available with financing through Odyssey

Close-up of I-G3N battery storage system in a server rack with visible power connections and operational status lights, showcasing advanced energy management technology.


I-G3N is dedicated to delivering advanced Lithium-ion battery solutions, specialised in stationary storage that integrates seamlessly with Solar PV systems. With a focus on sustainability and innovation, I-G3N’s products are designed to enhance energy reliability and efficiency, making a significant impact on mini and micro-grid development across the SADC region and beyond.

I-G3N overview
Detailed view of the control switch on an I-G3N battery system, highlighting the ON/OFF switch, connectivity ports, and operational indicators for secure and efficient energy management.

Stay at the forefront of the energy sector with I-G3N’s state-of-the-art battery solutions.

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  • The synergy between I-G3N and Odyssey Procure brings together advanced battery technology and flexible financial solutions. This partnership is poised to transform the way businesses and homes across Africa access and use energy, fostering sustainability and independence.

  • How the partnership works:

    • Customised energy solutions: Engage with our experts to configure the ideal I-G3N setup for your specific needs.
    • Flexible financing: Odyssey Procure offers various financing options that make it easier to adopt I-G3N’s technology.
    • Expert installation and support: Gain from comprehensive support encompassing system design, installation, and post-installation services, ensuring optimal performance of your I-G3N system.
  • Global impact: From local projects to expansive grid solutions across Africa, I-G3N is a key player in global energy development.

  • Empowering Africa: Dedicated to powering development through reliable energy solutions, I-G3N batteries are at the heart of community growth and sustainability.

  • Sustainable energy solutions: Tailored specifically for integration with Solar PV, I-G3N batteries provide clean, efficient energy storage.

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Success stories:

Collaboration on the Sinvac project

  • A state-of-the-art quality control room powered by I-G3N high voltage battery storage.
  • Integration of Atess 630kW pcs, 10 x 50 kWh Huawei grid tie inverters, and an I-G3N Giga Rack HV 559 kWh Battery.
  • 828 Longi solar panels efficiently capturing solar energy.

2019 Nedbank small business excellence awards

I-G3N was honored as the Runner-Up in the Game Changer Category, recognizing our innovative impact on the energy sector.

  • What is different

    • High-performance lifespan: I-G3N Lithium-ion batteries are engineered for longevity, offering a lifespan of over 10 years with minimal maintenance.
    • Tailored for tough environments: I-G3N batteries are specifically designed to perform optimally in challenging conditions, such as remote and harsh environments.
    • Eco-friendly energy storage: I-G3N commits to environmental sustainability with batteries that provide cleaner energy solutions.
  • What is available

    • Customisable solar integration: I-G3N offers versatile energy storage solutions that can be seamlessly integrated with Solar PV systems.
    • Comprehensive technical support: I-G3N prides itself on providing exceptional after-sales service, including on-site technical support, system troubleshooting, and regular maintenance.
    • Fast delivery time: the average estimated delivery time in weeks (manufacturing + shipment) – 10 working days for manufacturing + 3-5 working days for shipping, depending on location.



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Putting 100% down on equipment before you have it in hand is a huge burden - that's why we offer flexible options, like just putting down a small deposit at the time of order and paying the rest when you actually get the equipment.

  • Balance on arrival option
  • Pay in USD or local currency
  • Competitive, bespoke pricing
  • Provider of financing solutions
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*Actual deposit percentage may range from 10-30% depending on order size, location and product selection. We confirm the percentage prior to orders being placed.

  • Sign up on the Odyssey Procure website

  • Someone from the team will reach out to you, assess your equipment needs and set up your account

  • Once you’ve selected equipment, put only 10% down and pay the balance after the equipment is in-country

Discover how this partnership can empower your business. With I-G3N's technology and Odyssey's financing, stepping into the future of renewable energy has never been easier.