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Pylontech, a trailblazer in energy storage solutions, has been at the forefront of battery technology since its inception. As a globally recognized leader, Pylontech offers an extensive range of products including Residential BESS, Commercial & Utility ESS, Portable Power Stations, and Cells. Known for its solid industry reputation, Pylontech’s systems are integral to applications such as grid-level storage, high-capacity PV energy storage, and data center power backup.

Pylontech overview
Pylontech UP5000 high-capacity energy storage system, featuring robust design and advanced power management interfaces for efficient energy storage.

Powering over 1GWh globally with industry-leading battery systems certified by TÜV Rheinland - trusted, safe, and efficient energy solutions for every scale.

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  • Through the partnership with Odyssey Procure, Pylontech aims to broaden the accessibility of advanced energy storage solutions, backed by innovative financing options and comprehensive support. This collaboration is dedicated to enhancing energy independence and sustainability for clients worldwide.

  • How the partnership works:

    • Integrated energy strategies: Work closely with Pylontech to develop energy solutions that align with your specific needs and goals.
    • Financing flexibility: Odyssey Procure provides tailored financing options that facilitate easier adoption of Pylontech technologies.
    • Reliable support: Benefit from Pylontech’s extensive pre- and post-sales services, ensuring optimal performance and satisfaction.
  • Industry-leading quality: Pylontech batteries are celebrated for their exceptional reliability and high quality, setting industry standards in energy storage.

  • Innovative technology: With a Battery Management System (BMS) that serves as the benchmark across the industry, Pylontech leads with innovations that enhance performance and safety.

  • Sustainable solutions: Committed to environmental responsibility, Pylontech’s products are designed with sustainability in mind, supporting global efforts towards greener energy practices.

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Success stories:

Global expansion

Achieved mass production for Europe and Australia in 2014, demonstrating Pylontech’s capability to meet diverse market needs.

Significant shipments

Shipped 1GWh of BESS globally by 2018, marking a major milestone in the company’s history.

Market leadership 2022

Ranked as the n°1 residential battery energy storage provider globally in terms of shipments in 2022 by S&P Global Commodity Insights.

Top industry rankings

Consistently recognised as a top residential supplier globally and ranked n°1 in residential energy storage systems.

Pioneering certifications 2023

In 2023, received the world’s first sodium ion battery certificate from TÜV Rheinland, further solidifying its leadership in battery innovation.

Forbes and MSCI recognition

Listed on Forbes China’s 50 most innovative companies and included in the MSCI China A Onshore Index.

  • What is different

    • Flexible expandability: Pylontech’s energy storage systems are designed to grow with your needs, offering scalable solutions that adapt to increasing energy demands.
    • Seamless integration: Engineered for compatibility, Pylontech batteries integrate effortlessly with existing energy systems, enhancing efficiency without extensive modifications.
    • Uncompromised safety: With a steadfast commitment to safety, Pylontech’s products undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of reliability and durability.
  • What is available

    • Diverse product range: From residential to utility-scale, Pylontech provides a broad spectrum of energy storage options that cater to various energy requirements and applications.
    • Global reach: With operations across continents and systems installed worldwide, Pylontech’s global footprint ensures reliable delivery and service no matter where you are.
    • Custom solutions: Leveraging extensive R&D and manufacturing capabilities, Pylontech offers both off-the-shelf and customised solutions to meet unique customer challenges.
    • Fast delivery time: The leading time depends on the order: +/- 12 weeks



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Putting 100% down on equipment before you have it in hand is a huge burden - that's why we offer flexible options, like just putting down a small deposit at the time of order and paying the rest when you actually get the equipment.

  • Balance on arrival option
  • Pay in USD or local currency
  • Competitive, bespoke pricing
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*Actual deposit percentage may range from 10-30% depending on order size, location and product selection. We confirm the percentage prior to orders being placed.

  • Sign up on the Odyssey Procure website

  • Someone from the team will reach out to you, assess your equipment needs and set up your account

  • Once you’ve selected equipment, put only 10% down and pay the balance after the equipment is in-country

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