Advanced IoT smart metering for efficient energy management,
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SteamaCo - mini-grid developer in Sub-Saharan Africa


SteamaCo, an Anglo-African IoT smart metering technology company, has been at the forefront of energy management solutions since 2012. Originally a mini-grid developer in Sub-Saharan Africa, SteamaCo has evolved to address critical challenges in the grid-connected and off-grid sectors. Their robust technology platform ensures reliable utility operations and maximises revenue through innovative metering and data management solutions.

Steamaco overview
Steamaco Smart Meter

Discover SteamaCo's state-of-the-art smart metering technology and integrated energy management systems, designed to optimize utility operations and enhance energy efficiency across global markets.

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  • The collaboration between SteamaCo and Odyssey Procure aims to bring advanced metering technology and smart energy solutions to wider markets, focusing on improving energy distribution and management in developing regions.

  • How the partnership works:

    • Tailored metering solutions: Work with SteamaCo’s experts to integrate smart metering into your energy systems, tailored to your specific operational needs.
    • Innovative financing options: Odyssey Procure facilitates the adoption of SteamaCo’s technologies with flexible financing that aligns with project goals and budgets.
    • Unmatched support: Benefit from SteamaCo's industry-leading pre and post-sales support, ensuring each deployment is successful and each customer is fully supported.
  • Advanced cloud software: SteamaCo’s cloud-based platform automates utility operations in real-time, enhancing efficiency and reducing operational costs.

  • Theft detection technologies: With the Aurora AI theft detection system, SteamaCo helps utilities significantly reduce losses and increase revenue by up to 150%.

  • Resilient network solutions: SteamaCo's cutting-edge LoRa network architecture and GSM backhaul ensure continuous service delivery, even in areas with limited network availability.

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Success stories:

Expansive reach

By 2018, SteamaCo had deployed 28,000 meters across seven countries, showcasing its scalability and adaptability.

Strategic partnerships

In 2021, SteamaCo became DLMS/COSEM compliant and partnered up with Nextier Power and Shenzhen Donsun smart meters.

Innovative revenue increase

The 2022 launch of the Aurora AI platform dramatically increased utility revenues by detecting and managing energy theft efficiently.

Global recognition in 2015 & 2020

From the Ashden International Gold in 2015 to the Finance for the Future Award in 2020, SteamaCo's innovative approach has been consistently recognized worldwide

Sector leadership

The AMI contract award from the Nigerian REA’s EEP in 2021 underscores SteamaCo's commitment to delivering transformative energy solutions.

  • What is different

    • Real-time utility automation: SteamaCo’s connected devices and cloud software allow for seamless management of utility services, ensuring operations are always optimized.
    • Indelible cloud accounting ledger: Safeguard financial transactions and data integrity with SteamaCo’s secure, tamper-proof digital ledger.
    • Operational in network-scarce environments: SteamaCo's technology is specifically designed to maintain functionality across remote and underserved regions, making it ideal for expanding utility services in the developing world.
  • What is available

    • Smart metering technology: SteamaCo offers state-of-the-art smart meters equipped with IoT capabilities that enable utilities to manage energy use more efficiently and with greater precision.
    • Integrated energy management systems: SteamaCo provides comprehensive energy management solutions that combine hardware and software to optimise energy distribution and usage.
    • Customisable solutions for diverse markets: Understanding the unique challenges of different regions, especially in developing countries, SteamaCo tailors its products and services to meet specific market demands.
    • Fast delivery time: The leading time depends on the order :
      - Meters in-country: within 1 week
      - Meters from factory: within 4-6 weeks



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Discover how this partnership can empower your business. With SteamaCo's technology and Odyssey's financing, stepping into the future of renewable energy has never been easier.