Topway advanced energy storage solutions from residential to industrial applications, available with access to financing through Odyssey

Array of Topway brand industrial energy storage batteries lined up in a factory setting, showcasing advanced power solutions for large-scale applications.


Shenzhen Topway New Energy Co., Ltd, established in 2004, stands at the forefront of lithium battery innovation. With a commitment to quality and sustainability, Topway delivers comprehensive energy storage solutions across the globe. Their extensive experience and robust R&D capabilities enable them to supply top-tier lithium battery products, including LiFePO4 batteries and cells, to a diverse international clientele.

Topway overview
Automated precision laser welding of Topway brand battery cells, highlighting advanced manufacturing technology for battery assembly in a clean factory environment.

Topway: Global provider of customizable lithium battery and energy storage systems.

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  • This partnership between Topway and Odyssey Procure is designed to enhance the accessibility and efficiency of advanced energy storage solutions. Together, we provide tailored financing options and expert guidance to support your transition to innovative and sustainable energy practices.

  • How the partnership works:

    • Customised battery solutions: Connect with Topway’s specialists to develop a tailored setup that perfectly fits your energy requirements and integrates smoothly with existing systems.
    • Innovative financing options: Odyssey Procure facilitates your investment in Topway’s technology with flexible, project-specific financing plans.
    • Comprehensive support system: From the initial consultation to ongoing maintenance, receive full support that ensures optimal performance and maximizes the lifespan of your Topway installation.
  • Advanced safety features:
    Topway has invested heavily in safety technology for its lithium batteries. This includes state-of-the-art thermal management systems and built-in electronic Battery Management Systems (BMS) that ensure optimal performance and prevent issues like overcharging, deep discharge, overheating, and short-circuiting.

  • Global supply chain and logistics capabilities:
    Beyond manufacturing, Topway excels in global logistics and supply chain management, ensuring efficient and timely delivery of battery products worldwide. Their sophisticated logistics network supports large-scale deployments and provides resilient supply chain solutions.

  • Environmental stewardship and recycling programs:
    Topway is committed to environmental sustainability, not just in its products but also through its end-of-life battery recycling programs. These initiatives in recycling used batteries help in reducing landfill waste and recovering valuable materials.

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Success stories:

Global clientele

Serving 9,000 global clients.

Innovative distribution

Partnerships with leading cell manufacturers like CATL, BYD, and EVE enhance the quality and performance of Topway’s offerings.

All-in-one products

With an innovative R&D team and multi-channels resources integrated, Topway delivers all-in-one and worry-free products for household energy storage worldwide.

International Standards: ISO 9001, German TUV, European CE, and UL

In 2016, obtained ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Certification;

Obtained German TUV certification, European CE certification, and UL certification and other international certifications.

85 national innovative patents

85 national patent certificates have been obtained, including 7 invention patents, covering R&D technology, process and design.

  • What is different

    • One-stop energy solutions: Topway is dedicated to providing quick responses and comprehensive solutions, making energy storage simpler and more efficient for everyone.
    • Proven global experience: With 20 years in the industry, Topway serves over 9,000 clients worldwide, tailoring solutions to meet diverse energy needs.
    • Cutting-edge R&D: Leveraging an innovative R&D team and high-quality resources, Topway consistently leads in the development of advanced, worry-free household energy storage products.
  • What is available

    • Extensive product range: From high-performance LiFePO4 batteries to versatile lithium polymer cells, Topway offers a wide array of energy storage solutions.
    • Customization expertise: Topway excels in both OEM & ODM services, offering customized designs based on existing models or entirely new concepts inspired by your ideas.
    • Industry compatibility: Topway battery packs are designed to be compatible with 90% of inverter brands on the market, ensuring seamless integration.
    • Fast delivery time: the average estimated delivery time in weeks – 3 weeks for manufacturing, and 4 to 5 weeks for shipping to South Africa, Nigeria and Kenya. 



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Putting 100% down on equipment before you have it in hand is a huge burden - that's why we offer flexible options, like just putting down a small deposit at the time of order and paying the rest when you actually get the equipment.

  • Balance on arrival option
  • Pay in USD or local currency
  • Competitive, bespoke pricing
  • Financing access provider
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*Actual deposit percentage may range from 10-30% depending on order size, location and product selection. We confirm the percentage prior to orders being placed.

  • Sign up on the Odyssey Procure website

  • Someone from the team will reach out to you, assess your equipment needs and set up your account

  • Once you’ve selected equipment, put only 10% down and pay the balance after the equipment is in-country

Discover how this partnership can empower your business. Leveraging Topway's technology and Odyssey's financing facilitation, transitioning to renewable energy is now more accessible than ever.