Growatt: Leading innovations in solar energy,
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Growatt solar inverter displayed with its modern design featuring a dual-color scheme and integrated display panel, ideal for residential and commercial energy systems.


Growatt, a prestigious name in solar technology, provides millions of users worldwide with top-tier solar batteries, inverters, and integrated solutions. Known for prioritizing innovation, excellence, and reliability, Growatt continues to advance the solar industry with its all-scenario products that meet diverse needs from residential to commercial scales.

Growatt overview
Professional technician installing Growatt solar panels on a commercial building rooftop, demonstrating Growatt's leadership in providing top-quality residential inverters and hybrid solar solutions.

Recognised as the global No.1 residential inverter supplier and a top supplier of PV and storage hybrid inverters.

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  • Growatt and Odyssey Procure join forces to deliver a pioneering approach to solar technology deployment. This partnership focuses on integrating Growatt’s cutting-edge solar products with Odyssey’s tailored financial solutions, specifically designed to accelerate the adoption of solar energy for businesses and homeowners alike. Together, we're making sustainable energy more practical and accessible than ever.

  • How the partnership works:

    • Customised solar solutions: Engage with our experts who specialize in Growatt’s innovative technology to find the perfect setup for your specific energy requirements.
    • Specialised financing plans: Odyssey Procure offers exclusive financing options that complement Growatt’s product range, providing more accessible pathways to solar adoption.
    • Streamlined installation and dedicated support: Experience seamless integration of Growatt systems with full support from our technical teams.
  • Versatile inverter range: Growatt's CEC-approved inverters are available in various types and configurations, ensuring superior adaptability and performance.

  • Exceptional efficiency: Growatt inverters feature efficiency ratings up to 98.4%, standing out in the competitive market for their high performance.

  • Cost-effective excellence: Growatt offers high-quality solar solutions at fair prices, making renewable energy accessible to a broader audience.

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Success stories:

Top Brand PV Storage seals by EUPD Research in 2022

In 2022, International market research company EUPD Research has awarded Growatt’s storage range six ‘Top Brand PV Storage’ seals.

Vietnam power plant

In Vietnam, customer installed 3MW ground-mounted power plant with 36x Growatt MAX 80KTL3 LV inverters to export all the power it generated to the grid to earn profits. With an annual production of 4.93 million kWh per year, it will generate an amazing revenue of 528,700 USD each year for the customer.

Top 4 global PV inverter and storage hybrid inverter supplier

As a globally recognised brand, Growatt has received numerous awards. Including: Global Number 1 Residential Inverter Supplier and Global Top 4 PV Inverter and Storage Hybrid Inverter Supplier.

Red Dot award

In 2022, Growatt launched a portable power station–Infinity 1500, which won the Red Dot Award for innovative product design.

Top brand PV awards

2023, Growatt received the Top Brand PV Awards from EUPD RESEARCH.

  • What is different

    • Innovative product range: Growatt offers a diverse lineup of solar products, including high-performance inverters and solar batteries, designed to meet a variety of needs from residential to industrial scale.
    • Exceptional efficiency: With inverter efficiency ratings peaking between 97.2% and 98.4%, Growatt products ensure maximum power conversion, reducing waste and increasing energy yield.
    • Versatile applications: Whether it's for peak shaving, backup power, or large-scale off-grid applications, Growatt’s products are designed for flexibility across various energy solutions.
  • What is available

    • CEC approved inverters: Growatt’s range includes a variety of CEC approved inverters, catering to different configurations and power needs.
    • High-performing solar batteries: Growatt’s solar batteries are designed for high efficiency and durability.
    • Customisable PV systems: From small residential setups to large utility projects, Growatt provides tailored photovoltaic solutions that can be customised to specific requirements.
    • Fast delivery time: the average estimated delivery time in weeks (manufacturing + shipment) – 2 weeks for manufacturing and 40 days for shipping to Nigeria and South Africa.



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Putting 100% down on equipment before you have it in hand is a huge burden - that's why we offer flexible options, like just putting down a small deposit at the time of order and paying the rest when you actually get the equipment.

  • Balance on arrival option
  • Pay in USD or local currency
  • Competitive, bespoke pricing
  • Provider of financing solutions
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*Actual deposit percentage may range from 10-30% depending on order size, location and product selection. We confirm the percentage prior to orders being placed.

  • Sign up on the Odyssey Procure website

  • Someone from the team will reach out to you, assess your equipment needs and set up your account

  • Once you’ve selected equipment, put only 10% down and pay the balance after the equipment is in-country

Explore how this partnership can boost your business. Leveraging Growatt's technology and Odyssey's financing facilitation, transitioning to renewable energy is now more accessible than ever.