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Best-in-class digital power solutions with Huawei,
available with access to financing through Odyssey

Huawei digital power

Discover Huawei Digital Power, a world leader in digital power products and solutions. Committed to carbon neutrality, Huawei Digital Power excels in domains like Smart PV, FusionCharge, and more. Operating 12 R&D centers globally, with over 1700 patents and a dedicated team, Huawei is transforming energy management for over 3 billion people.

Huawei overview
Exterior installation of a Huawei industrial inverter at a C&I complex, featuring robust design and safety warning signs, emphasising its suitability for large-scale energy solutions.

Global reach and expertise: operating in over 170 countries, Huawei’s products are shaping a sustainable future worldwide.

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  • Experience the synergy of two powerhouses: Huawei Digital Power, a global leader in digital power technology, and Odyssey Procure, experts in financing and supply chain solutions. This partnership marks a milestone in delivering state-of-the-art renewable energy solutions and financing options, tailor-made for businesses embracing green energy.

  • How the partnership works:

    • Consultation and customisation: Engage with our team to assess your energy needs and explore customised Huawei solutions.
    • Credit and support: Learn about flexible financing options from Odyssey Procure to facilitate your transition to green energy.
    • Implementation and after-sales service: Experience seamless installation and ongoing support.
  • R&D innovation: Huawei’s commitment to long-term research in digital and power electronics.

  • Open technology platform: Strengthening partnerships and local energy industry advancement with Huawei’s DigiPower Management Platform.

  • Industry collaboration: Promoting global energy industry development through multi-level cooperation.

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Success stories:

Tosyali Holding’s Green Steel

Tosyali Holding, a leading green steel producer in Türkiye, has chosen Huawei's Smart PV solution to build a 140 MW distributed PV project on the roof of a steel plant in Osmaniye, southeast of Türkiye. The project covers an area of about 632,000 square meters and generates 250 million kWh of electricity annually, equivalent to a reduction of nearly 11,700 tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

PlanetComm’s Data Center

Thailand PlanetComm adopts Huawei's prefabricated modular data center FusionDC1000A to build a green and simple data center. The prefabricated solution integrates the power supply and distribution system and cooling system, shortens the TTM by 50% and meets the requirements for fast service rollout. Compared with the traditional civil engineering solution, the PUE is reduced by 15%, and the annual electricity fee is reduced by 567,648 THB.

Intersolar Europe 2023 Award

Huawei’s SUN2000-330KTL recognised for innovation.

SNEC 2023 Terawatt Diamond Award

Celebrating Huawei’s all-scenario Smart PV+ESS solution.

DCS Awards 2023

Multiple awards for Huawei Data Center Facility, showcasing leading technical and product solutions.

BSI Carbon Footprint Verification

A pioneering achievement for Huawei Smart PV inverters.

  • What is different

    • Advanced technology access: Harness Huawei Digital Power’s innovative solar technology for your business needs.
    • Flexible financing: Odyssey Procure offers adaptable financing solutions, making it easier to invest in renewable energy.
    • Seamless integration: Benefit from the combined expertise of Huawei and Odyssey in integrating digital power solutions into your existing infrastructure.
  • What is available

    • Smart PV Solutions: Revolutionise your energy consumption with Huawei’s cutting-edge Smart PV technology.
    • Inverters: Discover the technical overview of Huawei inverters for off-grid projects in this webinar.
    • Fast delivery time: the average estimated delivery time in weeks (manufacturing + shipment) – 5 - 8 weeks



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Procurement credit

Putting 100% down on equipment before you have it in hand is a huge burden - that's why we offer flexible options, like just putting down a small deposit at the time of order and paying the rest when you actually get the equipment.

  • Balance on arrival option
  • Pay in USD or local currency
  • Competitive, bespoke pricing
  • Provider of financing solutions
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*Actual deposit percentage may range from 10-30% depending on order size, location and product selection. We confirm the percentage prior to orders being placed.

  • Sign up on the Odyssey Procure website

  • Someone from the team will reach out to you, assess your equipment needs and set up your account

  • Once you’ve selected equipment, put only 10% down and pay the balance after the equipment is in-country

Explore how this partnership can boost your business. Leveraging Huawei's technology and Odyssey's financing facilitation, transitioning to renewable energy is now more accessible than ever.